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Vitamin D3 3000iu

Nutri-MX Vitamin D3 3000iu

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Nutri-MX Vitamin D3 3000iu

D3 is the preferred form of vitamin D as cholecalciferol.
Vitamin D plays a truly remarkable role in the body and is essential for all round good health.
It is not only vital for strong bones but is now known for its role in helping to maintain the immune system.
Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, both needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.
It is found naturally in a small number of foods including oily fish, red meat, liver and egg yolks and in fortified food like breakfast cereals and fat spreads.
Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin, because our bodies generally rely on our skin making vitamin D from sunlight.
While vitamin D is synthesized by the body on exposure to sunlight, many people are now following health advice to avoid too much sun exposure, which reduces vitamin D levels in the body.
Our Nutri-MX Vitamin D3 3000iu is made to the highest possible standard to ensure the best results when taken in conjunction with a balanced diet.

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