About Nutri-MX

At Nutri-MX we create supplements and nutritional products of European standards, with a view to quality, functionality and meeting the needs of different consumer groups.

At Nutri-MX we have products that appeal to both athletes and active people to maintain good health and help them achieve their goals.

Our products are made of excellent quality raw materials and well-designed functional combinations.

We also have products for niche markets such as vegans, vegetarians, organic products, gluten-free and dairy-free products. The variety of our products is continuously enriched and improved.

Nutri-MX products are manufactured in Europe and the United Kingdom in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HALLAL, HACCP, FDA standards, ensuring product quality at all stages of production.

The trademark of Nutri-MX belongs to SPORTECON Ltd, a Greek interest company based in Bulgaria.

Quality Supplements and Health Foods!